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Petroleum, Gas Bar & Cardlock



CardLock Fuel Stops

CO-OP® and TEMPO® have a network of over 280 conveniently located Cardlock fuel stops. Those who have a Cardlock Card can use these facilities whenever they need fuel… 24 hours a day!


Find out where all of the co-op Cardlocks are throughout Canada by downloading the co-op Smart Phone App







Manager: Darren Major


  • Bulk Fuel

  • Bulk & Consumer Oil

  • Bulk Propane

  • Tank Lease Program

Gas Bar:

  • Regular, Premium & Dyed Gas

  • Diesel & Purple Diesel


  • Facilities

  • Operating Instructions

  • Troubleshooting

Inquiries: Ask for Darren in store or contact him by phone at 1-204-436-2493 or by Email: petroleum@elmcreekcoop.com


For Administrative/Billing inquiries: See Linnette in-store, phone 204-436-2493, or Email her at admin@elmcreekcoop.com.





Bulk Fuel:

Bulk petroleum is one of the Major focuses of Elm Creek Co-operative. We deliver approximately 7 million litres for farmers in our area. Darren Major, our Petroleum Manager, is always ready to talk to prospective customers and existing customers about fuel and related products.

Rick Tkachyk, our Driver/Salesman, has been employed with us since 1992 and is always willing to go that extra mile for customers and members.

We guarantee


if you order fuel

before noon.


Bulk & Consumer Oil:

Elm Creek Co-operative offers a wide range of lubricants to meet your needs, from 2-cycle oil to diesel motor oil. Co-op lubricants not only meet, but also exceed, most manufacturers recommendations.


Bulk Propane:

We offer Bulk Propane service for Grain Drying, Home & Shop Heating. Call Brent at 1-204-745-6528 for details on tank set up and pricing.


Tank Lease Program:

Our tank lease program offers a new and efficient way of buying new tank equipment. We supply you with a new 1000 gallon tank and fuel pump, and you pay for this over a 5-year period with no interest. Yearly payments are invoiced from the date of purchase. The equipment belongs to you the farmer at the end of the 5-year period. Call Darren about having one set up today (certain restrictions apply OAC).


Gas Bar


Our gas bar offers Regular & Premium Gas, Dyed Gas, Clear Diesel and Purple Diesel.  If you are looking for Service With A Smile....Check us out!




Available 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week:

  • Diesel, Purple Diesel, Unleaded Regular Gas

  • Restrooms, Shower/Washroom

  • Overnight Parking, Twin Hose, Satellite

During Store Hours:

  • Telephone

  • Oil

  • Farm Centre





Cardlock Operating Instructions

Follow instructions on display screen, & be sure pump (and satellite if applicable) you wish to use is in the "OFF" position. 




Insert card in slot.


Remove card immediately


Key in Security #. Press ENTER

4. ENTER MILEAGE (optional)

     ENTER MISC. (optional)

Key in mileage. Press ENTER

Key in unit #. Press ENTER


Key in pump #. Press ENTER

   Eg. 1. Diesel Fuel

         2. Gasoline 

         3. Propane

6. Begin fueling your vehicle within one minute.


     Do not leave pump or nozzle unattended.

7. After fueling please turn pump (and satellite if applicable) to 

     OFF position to stop transaction. Hang up hoses. If desired, 

     proceed to activate TICKET RECEIPT PRINTER

8. Reinsert card.

9. Issue receipt YES/NO.

10. Do not pull receipt from TICKET RECEIPT PRINTER while 

       printer is operating. Wait for receipt printer to stop, then    

       take receipt.

In cases of emergency, push emergency key & pump will  stop. 

When safe, repeat procedure from beginning.

If you encounter problems or need assistance, please use the telephone located on or near the site.

Trouble Shooting


Pump requested will not operate. Cardreader states "Pump Handle?" or "Turn Pump Handle Off".


You may have turned the pump handle on before you requested the pump, or handle was left on from previous transaction. Turn off pump and start procedure again. Commence fueling.


Pump has been selected and turned on, but no fuel is delivered from the nozzle when squeezed.

Solution [1]:

If pump is equipped with a twin hose (large & small nozzle), be sure the 3 port 2 way valve on the pump is turned to select the hose and nozzle you wish to use. Commence fueling.

Solution [2]:

If the pump is equipped with a satellite dispenser, be sure your main pump is turned on. If the 3 port 2 way valve is on the pump, be sure you have selected the correct hose, if necessary, to direct product flow. Commence fueling.

Solution [3]:

If the satellite is switched on, the main hose will not work. Turn satellite off, main hose will now work. Commence fueling.


Pump is pumping and meter is running but no product is dispensed.


Stop fueling and contact your nearest representative with details as soon as possible. 


Fueling is complete, pump is turned off, but you cannot get receipt.


Press clear on the receipt printer pad. Enter your card or CARD number. If there is no record of your transaction, try another receipt printer, if available on site. If you do not get a receipt, contact your Petro rep as soon as possible or phone: (306) 244-3197.