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2001Elm Creek

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Board of Directors:


General Manager:

Dave Henderson

Dave has over 25 years of experience in the Co-operative Retailing System. Quality Products and Excellence in Customer Service at a fair price is what we strive for.



Check Out Our Video!!


In honour of our 85th Anniversary we held a competition at our local high school, challenging students to create a promotional video for Elm Creek Co-op.


The video you are about to view is the winning entry.

Click Here or on the above image to view the video.


Significant Dates:


Co-op incorporated


Bought first 1 ton barrel delivery truck


Bought shop garage


Built new store beside garage


Built new warehouse across from store,  Tore down original Co-op store, dismantled bulk plant


Renovated inside of Co-op store


Major renovations and expansion. Installed  Cardlock. Complete upgrade to facility.



Complete Service Bay upgrade. Commissioned Operator took over 2002.


Purchased Mack Fuel Truck; New Service Centre floor; Co-op introduces Grocery, Liquor, Lottery & Tobacco (following closure of local store). Warehouse expansion completed.


New floor plan (store) completed May 2006 - more room to Grocery & Hardware. Offices temporarily moved to office trailer.


Construction of new Office/Sales addition.


Moved into newly expanded office area


Installed new coolers & freezers. Began selling Premium Gas & Dyed Regular Gas.


Successfully expanded into large appliance sales. Increased floor space by removing Boardroom. Re-paved customer parking area to south of building.


Expanded truck parking. Moved compound to north-east of building - expanded and fenced. Bought new Freightliner fuel truck.


Small extension added to main building by closing in the previously-open garden centre This increased floor space & productivity.



3 new freezers added - Look out for many new products!


Become a Member:

Earn Equity & Cash Back.


Contact Information:

Elm Creek Cooperative Oil & Supplies Ltd.

Box 130, Elm Creek, MB, R0G 0N0

Phone: (204) 436-2493

Text: (204) 745-7197

Fax: (204) 436-2391


7:00am to 6:00pm

Monday to Saturday

Closed Sundays and Holidays

ATM available in-store





President: Ron de Ruiter

Box 34 Elm Creek, MB. R0G 0N0. Ph: 204-436-3087 Cell: 204-745-8936 rlderuiter@halarda.ca


Vice President: Michelle Lepp

Box 100 Elm Creek MB. R0G 0N0.  Ph: 204-436-2125  Cell: 204-750-3069  miacres@yahoo.com


Secretary: Gayle Wolfram

Box 339 Elm Creek, MB, R0G 0N0. Ph: 204-436-3259

Cell: 204-745-9615  bgrwolf@hotmail.com


General Manager: Dave Henderson

Box 151 Elm Creek, MB. R0G 0N0. Ph: 204-436-2717  Cell: 204-293-1378  elmcreekcoop@mts.net


Director: Jan Willem Jongsma

Box 144 Haywood MB. R0G 0W0.  Ph: 204-379-2198  Cell: 204-750-2311  mirnav22@hotmail.com


Director: Mark Boyachek

Box 400 Elm Creek Mb. R0G 0N0

Cell: 204-999-6666



Director: Willie Schroeder

Box 160 Elm Creek MB. R0G 0N0.  Ph: 204-436-2534 Cell 204-745-8041 lwsch83@gmail.com


Director: Larry Perrin

Box 346 Oakville, MB. R0H 0Y0  Ph: 204-267-2119 or 204-239-6308 lperrin33@hotmail.com


Junior Representative: Ayla Salazar

Box 224 Elm Creek MB. R0G 0N0.  Ph: 204-750-0084 aylasalazar8@hotmail.com


Junior Representative: Shelby Dheilly

Box 22 Elm Creek Mb. R0G 0N0





Environment & Finance -  Michelle Lepp (Chair); Ron de Ruiter;  Dave Henderson; Gayle Wolfram; Willie Schroeder.


Member & Employee Relations - Jan Willem Jongsma (Chair); Ayla Salazar; Ron de Ruiter; Dave Henderson.


Image & Fixed Assets - Larry Perrin (Chair); Mark Boyacheck; Shelby Dheilly; Ron de Ruiter, Dave Henderson,



Original Board of Directors: (All were farmers in the Elm Creek district)

  • H.W. Barager

  • R. Ivey

  • H.C. Hargest

  • Ed Clucas

  • N.W. Scott

  • R.A. Hargest

  • George Sharp.

Elm Creek Coop History


"To provide the residents of Elm Creek and surrounding areas with goods and services for their consumption and use on a co-operative basis"  (extracted from the Elm Creek Co-op's Board minutes)

This was the original purpose of the Co-op. Those services have been provided by Elm Creek Co-op since 1928, and are still provided today. The very day the Co-op was granted it's charter, the price of gasoline dropped by 6 cents per gallon in the Elm Creek District. This was to set an example for years to come, showing that Co-ops are a benefit to the community. The picture above is of Co-op in 1970

The Elm Creek Co-op has undergone many changes since 1928, both financially and physically. Members, Board Members, Management, and Staff have all benefited from this business over the years. Co-op has provided employment for families in the area & many have served on the Elm Creek Board, and learned the Co-operative way. The picture to the left shows Co-op in1985. Some early products are pictured to the right

Although a great many people have been involved in our  Co-op since 1928, one name remembered by most is Archie Janzen - manager of the Co-op for many years.  He also served on Provincial Credit Union Boards, as well as Co-op Federation Boards.

The Co-op has faced many challenges through the years, none more difficult than the economic downturn during the 1980s. It survived!!!!!!!! Today there are still challenges to face, but we have a stronger Co-op because of it's loyal membership. the picture to the right shows co-op in early 1989.

Taken from: "Elm Creek Centennial History Book, 

1892 to 1992 - A Century of Memories" 


What you see today is after many years of extensive planning with FCL and Elm Creek Co-ops Board and Management. The Grand Opening took place during Co-op Week in October of 1999, with over 300 people attending the celebration.