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2001Elm Creek

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General Information


Board of Directors:

Our Board of Directors come from different backgrounds in an effort to make our Co-op more useful to the community it serves. Click a thumbnail to see full-sized image.


General Manager:


Ron de Ruiter

Box 34 Elm Creek, MB. R0G 0N0. Ph: 204-436-3087  Cell: 204-745-8936 rlderuiter@halarda.ca

Dave Henderson

Dave has over 25 years of experience in the Co-operative Retailing System. Quality Products and Excellence in Customer Service at a fair price is what we strive for.


Check Out Our Video!!

In honour of our 85th Anniversary we held a competition at our local high school, challenging students to create a promotional video for Elm Creek Co-op. The video you are about to view is the winning entry.

Click Here or on the above image to view the video.

Vice President

Michelle Lepp

Box 100 Elm Creek MB. R0G 0N0.  Ph: 204-436-2125  Cell: 204-750-3069  miacres@yahoo.com


Gayle Wolfram

Box 339 Elm Creek, MB, R0G 0N0. Ph: 204-436-3259

Cell: 204-745-9615  pronet@mts.net or bgrwolf@hotmail.com

General Manager

Dave Henderson

Box 151 Elm Creek, MB. R0G 0N0. Ph: 204-436-2717  Cell: 204-293-1378 elmcreekcoop@mts.net


Jan Willem Jongsma

Box 144 Haywood MB. R0G 0W0.  Ph: 204-379-2198  Cell: 204-750-2311





Matthew Tkachyk

Box 368 Elm Creek MB R0G 0N0. Cell: 204-750-1682 



Willie Schroeder

Box 160 Elm Creek MB. R0G 0N0.  Ph: 204-436-2534 Cell 204-745-8041



Larry Perrin

Box 346 Oakville, MB. R0H 0Y0  Ph: 204-267-2119 or 204-239-6308


Junior Representative

Ayla Salazar

Box 224 Elm Creek MB. R0G 0N0.  Ph: 204-750-0084




Junior Representative

Mark Cormier

Box 127 Haywood, MB. R0G 0W0  Ph: 204-379-2690  Cell: 204-750-3932



Environment and Finance

Vice President: Michelle Lepp (Chair); President: Ron de Ruiter; General Manager: Dave Henderson;

Secretary: Gayle Wolfram; Director: Willie Schroeder.

Member & Employee Relations

Director: Matt Tkachyk (Chair); Junior Representative: Ayla Salazar; President: Ron de Ruiter; General Manager: Dave Henderson.

Image and Fixed Assets

Director: Larry Perrin (Chair); Director: Jan Willem Jongsma; Junior Representative: Mark Cormier; President: Ron de Ruiter, General Manager: Dave Henderson,


Original Board Members:

H.W. Barager

J.R. Ivey

H.C. Hargest

Ed Clucas

N.W. Scott

R.A. Hargest

George Sharp

All farmers in the

Elm Creek District




Above Right:

The Co-op in 1970

Above Left:

The Co-op in 1985


Below: Early 1989


Below: Early Co-op Products


Elm Creek Coop - History


"To provide the residents of Elm Creek and surrounding areas with goods and services for their consumption and use on a co-operative basis"  (extracted from the Elm Creek Co-op's Board minutes)

This was the original purpose of the Co-op. Those services have been provided by Elm Creek Co-op since 1928, and are still provided today. The very day the Co-op was granted it's charter, the price of gasoline dropped by 6 cents per gallon in the Elm Creek District. This was to set an example for years to come, showing that Co-ops are a benefit to the community.

The Elm Creek Co-op has undergone many changes since 1928, both financially and physically. Members, Board Members, Management, and Staff have all benefited from this business over the years. Co-op has provided employment for families in the area & many have served on the Elm Creek Board, and learned the Co-operative way.

Although a great many people have been involved in our  Co-op since 1928, one name remembered by most is Archie Janzen - manager of the Co-op for many years.  He also served on Provincial Credit Union Boards, as well as Co-op Federation Boards.

The Co-op has faced many challenges through the years, none more difficult than the economic downturn during the 1980s. It survived!!!!!!!! Today there are still challenges to face, but we have a stronger Co-op because of it's loyal membership.

Taken from: "Elm Creek Centennial History Book, 

1892 to 1992 - A Century of Memories" 


What you see today is after many years of extensive planning with FCL and Elm Creek Co-ops Board and Management. The Grand Opening took place during Co-op Week in October of 1999, with over 300 people attending the celebration.

Significant Dates:


Co-op incorporated


Bought first 1 ton barrel delivery truck


Bought shop garage


Built new store beside garage


Built new warehouse across from store,  Tore down original Co-op store, dismantled bulk plant


Renovated inside of Co-op store


Major renovations and expansion. Installed  Cardlock. Complete upgrade to facility.



Complete Service Bay upgrade. Commissioned Operator took over 2002.


Purchased Mack Fuel Truck; New Service Centre floor; Co-op introduces Grocery, Liquor, Lottery & Tobacco (following closure of local store). Warehouse expansion completed.


New floor plan (store) completed May 2006 - more room to Grocery & Hardware. Offices temporarily moved to office trailer.


Construction of new Office/Sales addition.


Moved into newly expanded office area


Installed new coolers & freezers. Began selling Premium Gas & Dyed Regular Gas.


Successfully expanded into large appliance sales. Increased floor space by removing Boardroom. Re-paved customer parking area to south of building.


Expanded truck parking. Moved compound to north-east of building - expanded and fenced. Bought new Freightliner fuel truck.


Small extension added to main building by closing in the previously-open garden centre This increased floor space & productivity.



3 new freezers added - Look out for many new products!